Hand Knit One Piece Winter Hats and Scarves.
Team Sports Oriented and Boho Chic Styles.

Evangelista Jones Turlington St. Pierre
My name is Maria C. Juarez. I am the creator of, Warm Ups Wearable Knits.

At the young age of 78, I am beginning a new phase in my life.
Besides taking care of my husband. I’m a mother. I’m a grandmother and I knit. A lot!
My husband and I live in a retirement community here in the Denver area.
Getting to know my neighbors and seeing what activities are available is easy in a small complex such as this one.
Itching to be creative I decided it was time to join the community knitting craft club.
At the time I did not even know what a loom was.
In a few months, I was not only knitting but also designing my combination knit hats and scarves.
I received so much interest, enthusiasm, then demand, from friends and family. I decided to start my own business.
My work is about comfort, style, and most important, warmth.
My focus is about creating one of a kind head and neck wear that is fashionable and equally fun.
Anyone can wear my one piece hats and scarves.
My hats and scarves are sometimes professional team, sports oriented.
Denver Broncos WarmUps No Brim








If your not a sports fan, don’t go away!



I also create knitwear that is definitely Boho or Urban Chic in style.
Look for Turkish Cappadocia Yarn and Faux Fur in my unique designs.

gray I (2)

WarmUps are for infants, toddlers, teens, juniors, boys, girls, and of course, adults.
Remember custom orders are always welcome.
I love making Warmups for the whole family!
Got a gathering of social groups and or team events?
I got you covered!

Feel free to contact me with any questions.
Remember custom orders are always welcome.

Browse my Inventory Pages I and II for part of the current listings for sale or to see the entire available inventory, go to my Etsy Shop.

Purchasing is extremely easy. You shop and I ship!

red tan brn II

Be sure to visit my Blog Posts here on this website and the web links on my Etsy Shop.

Enjoy your WarmUps and thank you for your interest.

Colorado ph.# 303-574-9499.
Email: crosschristian@msn.com




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